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Behind the scenes

Alston Foster
Art director

As a curious and keen observer, problem-solver and deep thinker, Alston looks for patterns to implement design solutions that tell a cohesive brand story. Partnering with great people to create meaningful work makes for the best days.

©Kathryn McCrary Atlanta Food Photographer 050918-568.jpg

A company-wide initiative to test the market of take home food prep. Our team had the chance to work comprehensively on bringing it to life: from the packaging to prep cards, social & menu photography, and restaurant promotional materials.

PHOTO: Kathryn McCrary


Visual brand storytelling for print and digital platforms, including social channels (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest), web, email, and app.

PHOTO: Kathryn McCrary


A campaign to support an all-day breakfast product promotion, playing off the idea that the best things come in small packages. Kids photographed were true fans of the brand (not actors), and we went through about 200 minis (lots of the talent enjoyed eating the props).

PHOTO: Jeff Roffman

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